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SHH - The Secret to the Most Natural Looking Hair Extensions 

Quality Hair Extensions for Unmatched Results

Looking for hair extensions in London, Kitchener, Chatham and surrounding areas? Modern Blonde’s 100% natural European Remy hair extensions provide volume, body, length and unmatched style. We love custom colouring, toning, cutting and blending hair extensions of any kind (barring synthetics). Please book a consultation to discuss your desired options today. 

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More about the Hair Extensions We Use

The brand of extensions we offer at Modern Blonde is Seamless Handtied Hair Extensions (SHH). Read some interesting details about SHH extensions below. 

Handtied hair extensions

Seamless Handtied Hair Extensions

The ideal option for natural-looking hair extensions, SHH can help you achieve extensions that blend in perfectly with your own hair. SHH extensions feature luxury hair wefts and are made of 100% human European Remy hair with the full cuticle intact. They come in 20, 22, 24 and 26-inch options and 100 grams or 8 wefts per pack. We can fulfill custom-made orders. With proper care, SHH extensions can last up to 8-12 months. 

SHH Invisible Wefts

The newest and most advanced type of extension on the market, SHH invisible wefts lay flatter than traditional hand or machine-tied wefts. SHH invisible wefts offer a longer lifespan due to a reinforced seam which reduces shedding. They are virtually invisible and less itchy as they do not have any return hair. SHH invisible wefts are compatible with all hair types and can be customized to suit your specific taste. 

 Invisible hair extensions
Handtied wefts

SHH Handtied Wefts 

These wefts are delicate, flatter than machine-tied wefts and are compatible with all hair types. They cannot be cut at the seam and do have a moustache of return hair under the seam. 

Additionally, we offer the following: 

Semi-permanent and permanent hair toppers 

We can help you fix balding or thinning hair with our hair toppers to improve your hair’s volume. 

Halo extensions


Halo extensions are perfect for people with very fine hair. They attach to your head using invisible wires, negating the need for glue, clips or tape. 

Nano link extensions 

Ideal for women with thin hair, nano link extensions are reusable and can last up to 1 - 2 years if cared for properly. You can dye, style and curl these extensions as desired. 

Nano link extensions
Clip-in extensions


If you want to add length and volume but are not looking for a serious commitment or investment into hair extensions, clip-in extensions are the ideal choice for you. These extensions are temporary options that can be clipped in and out whenever desired. 

Additional Services

Our hair extension artists offer a range of services to properly style and groom your hair. Some of them include:

Blowout and style

For smooth and sleek styling, we offer blowout and style services so you can achieve your desired look. 

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A woman with long hair wearing a mask

Haircut and style

Come on over for a relaxing haircut and style session to explore unique and interesting new hairstyles to keep your look fresh and updated. 

Hair extensions cut, blend and style

Our hair extension professionals can cut, colour blend and style your natural hair extensions to customize your look further. 

Natural hair extensions
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