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A woman with glossy hair


Vibrant Hair Colouring Solutions in London

Hair colour is an excellent way to accent your natural looks and add a unique style to your image. Modern Blonde offers quality hair colouring solutions that are customizable and designed to give you the hair of your dreams. Our hair extension artists and colourists perform a variety of techniques to achieve your desired highlights, solid colours or smooth blends between extensions and natural hair.


 If you are looking for hair colouring solutions in the GTA, London, Mississauga and surrounding areas, you should visit us and see what we have to offer. Schedule an appointment for highlights or solid hair colour today. 

Hair colouring

Our Hair Colour Services

We offer the following hair colouring services: ​

A woman with balayage hair


We offer balayage highlights to increase the definition and vibrancy of your hair. Highlights are carefully hand-painted for a more subtle effect than traditional highlights. 


A great way to add depth to your hair colour, traditional highlights offer a more pronounced colour contrast that adds dimension and can be customized to suit your taste. 

A woman with hair highlights
Full solid hair colour

Full solid colour

Ever wanted to see how you would look with blonde or brown hair? Well, now is your chance! We offer quality, full solid hair colour so you can try out different looks to always keep your style fresh. 

Dimensional colour 

Our hair colourists use darker and lighter tones to add contrast, giving a unique and subtle touch to your natural hair. This option is perfect if you want a small change but don’t want to commit to highlights or full solid colouring. 

Dimensional colour
Hair toning


Hair toning is a gentler hair treatment than using a dye. It is not as long-lasting as a dye and offers a subtle enhancement to your natural hair colour by making it richer. 

Hair extension colour blending and refresh 

We can use hair colouring to perfectly blend your extensions with your natural hair. Colours can be used creatively to add contrast or mask sections required so that your extensions look just like your natural hair. Colour blending can also have a more pronounced effect if desired. 

Hair extension colour blending

We offer a range of custom hair colouring options to give you the unique look you always wanted. Get in touch to discuss your ideas today. 

A woman with styled hair

Complete Hair Styling Services in London

Modern Blonde offers a diverse range of hair styling solutions in London, Exeter, Forest and surrounding areas. If you are considering changing up your hairstyle to try a new look, then rely on our skilled stylists to give you the style you want. 

Come to us for custom toning, colouring, cutting and blending services for your hair and extensions. From exciting cuts to seamless colour blends and vibrant highlights, we can change up your hair to suit your desired look in any way you want. We constantly update ourselves with the latest hair trends and styles to give you fresh and unique looks. Call us to book a session.

Our Hair Styling Services

From custom colouring to cutting and blending hair extensions, we can help you with your desired hairstyle. We offer the following services: 

Blowout and style

We use a hair dryer or blower while combing and styling your hair for maximum smoothness. Get shiny, manageable hair without the need for flat irons or curling wands. 

Smiling woman with voluminous hair
A woman getting a haircut

Haircut and style

Look fresh with a brand-new haircut and styling session at Modern Blonde. We can give you any type of haircut you want and can style you using quality products and skilled techniques. 

Hair extensions cut, blend and style

We have a team of hair extension artists that use natural human Remy hair. These extensions can be cut and colour blended to fit or accentuate your hair and new look. Our colourists can give you interesting blends that are customizable and can be made to your liking. 

Natural human Remy hair

Customizable Hair Colouring Solutions

From solid and dimensional colour to toning and blending, we do it all.

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